All Providers:

The period for acceptance of 4010 Electronic Claim File Transactions is now over.

To self register and begin HIPAA 5010 transaction testing, please go to

IMPORTANT – All electronic claims transactions must now be submitted in the 5010 versions. However, do not submit 5010 transactions to production until your 5010 testing has been approved and you have been specifically instructed to do so by the EDI Dept. Unauthorized 5010 transactions sent to production will be rejected. Any questions regarding testing/submission of 5010 Transactions should be sent to

Memos and Updates

Attention All Electronic Billers

Attention all Providers Receiving Electronic Remit Transactions (835)

Attention Electronic Claim Submitters/Providers

Attention all Providers receiving Electronic Remit Transactions (835)

Attention Provider Submitting Claims on 837D, 837P or 837I Transactions 10/04/12

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Attention Pharmacy Providers - Update on NCPDP D.0 Implementation

Clarification Concerning the Transition to the 5010 Version of the Medicaid Eligibility Verification System (MEVS)

Extension of Enforcement Discretion Period for 5010 HIPAA Transactions through June 30, 2012

Federal Register for 5010 Transactions and ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes

Important Reminder to All Electronic Billers Sending Electronic Claims Directly to the Financial Intermediary

Important Update Concerning Changes to the Electronic Claims Status Inquiry (eCSI) Application

Important Update on NCPDP D.0 and 5010 270/271 Transactions Implementation Effective January 1, 2012

New Implementation Date for 5010 Compliance

Organizational vs. Individual NPI in 5010 Claim Transactions

Pharmacy Provider Outreach Article

Reminder of Transition to the 5010 Version of Claims Status Inquiry (eCSI)

Summary of Changes to the POS User Manual for November, 2011

Upcoming Changes To The Electronic Claims Status Inquiry (eCSI) Web Application

Upcoming Changes to the Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA) Web Application

Update Regarding Changes to the electronic Claims Status Inquiry (eCSI) Web Application

Web links for 5010 Transactions

5010v of the HIPAA Electronic Transactions

5010/NCPDP D.0 Educational Article 5/31/11

Billing Instructions

POS User Guide - 02/06/19

Companion Guides

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