JUNE 1991

Recipient Eligibility Verification System Audit Adjustments
Procedural Changes for 078 Claims Change in Terminology
Removal of Prior Authorization Requirements Anesthesia Claims for Sterilization
Requests for Reservations Correction
Picking and Choosing Services CPT-4 Procedure Code 92585
Outpatient Chemotherapy Drugs Form 152-N
Norplant Contraceptive Implant Recruitment of KIDMED Physicians
Modifiers Immunosuppressant Drugs
Corrections Clarification of Provider Service Area Policy
The MT-4 Form Ambulance Transportation Nurse Aid Training
Ambulance Transportation Billing Procedure



We would like to encourage providers to use our new computerized Recipient Eligibility Verification System.  To access the system, providers must telephone (800) 776-6323 and have their seven-digit Provider I.D. number, as well as the appropriate thirteen-digit recipient number and date of service, available.  Procedural instructions will be given via voice response prompt messages.  Those providers who are familiar with the procedures for entering information need not wait for the voice response prompt messages; instead, they may begin entering information as soon as they have accessed the system.

To discontinue the service providers must press *9 on their touch-tone telephones.  Otherwise, the service will be continued for another 90 seconds, even if the provider has already hung up the telephone.


Frequently, the term "audit adjustment" will appear on a provider's remittance advice.  As a result, the provider often calls Unisys for an explanation of the adjustment.

However, since letters concerning audit adjustments are mailed prior to RA messages, providers should contact their hospital administrators to see if a letter has arrived before they call Unisys.


The procedures for the review of claims which are denied or which pend with error code 078 (send to BHSF for review and pricing.) have been changed effective April 1, 1991.  Now, providers should send 078 claims and medical reports for review and pricing to the following address:

Attention:  Medical Review Team
Unisys/LA Medicaid
P. O. Box 91020
Baton Rouge, LA  70821



The Bureau of Health Services Financing has made the terminology "non personally medically directed," in reference to CRNAs, obsolete.

Effective April 1, 1991, CRNAs who practice under the supervision of a doctor other than an anesthesiologist or a dentist will be referred to as "non-anesthesiologist-directed" CRNAs.


Effective with date of service May 1, 1991, anesthesiologists and CRNAs will no longer have to obtain prior authorization for the surgical procedures listed on pages 5-3d through 5-3p of the Professional Services Provider Manual.


Anesthesiologists and CRNAs who provide anesthesia for patients on whom sterilizations are performed must attach Form 96, Consent to Sterilization, to their claims for reimbursement.  When billing for an epidural given at the time of delivery, one's claim for CPT-4 code 62279 must be accompanied by a consent form if a sterilization was performed after the delivery.



Hospitals no longer need to request reservations for recipients under the age of 21.  Effective June 15, 1991, Medicaid of Louisiana will no longer process reservations for recipients under the age of 21, regardless of the date of service.


Providers should note that the article in the April 1991 Provider Update discussion Medicaid of Louisiana's policy on requests for adjustment of cost per discharge limits contained some errors.

Items "c" and "d" read incorrect as follows:

c. Convert the target amount for current period to a per diem amount by multiplying the target for the cost reporting period by the number of discharges and dividing by the number of Medicaid days.

d."Multiply the per diem amount for the current period by the base period discharges and divide by the base period days to determine a revised target amount."

Instead Items "c" and "d" should read as follows:

c. Convert the target amount for current period to a per diem amount by multiplying the target rate for the cost reporting period by the base period number of discharges and dividing by the base period number of Medicaid days.

  d. Multiply the revised per diem amount for the current period by the current period days to determine a revised target amount.



The Bureau of Health Services Financing has adopted the rule stated on the following page effective March 20, 1991.

Practitioners who participate as providers of medical services shall bill Medicaid for all covered services performed on behalf of an eligible individual who has been accepted by the provider as a Medicaid patient. 

This rule, first published as a Notice of Intent in the Louisiana Register of December 20, 1990, and subsequently republished in the issue dated March 20, 1991, prohibits Medicaid providers from "picking and choosing" the services for which they agree to accept a client's Medicaid card as payment in full for services rendered.

In other words, effective March 20, 1991, practitioners who participate in Medicaid of Louisiana must bill Medicaid for all services covered by Medicaid of Louisiana which they may provide to their clients.


CPT-4 procedure code 92585 (Brainstem evoked response recording) has been placed on the Professional Component File.  Physicians may now bill for interpretation of this procedure by attaching modifier -26 to the code and submitting it to Unisys for payment.  Interpretations by contracted physicians should be billed by the billing office to whom the physician is contracted.  Interpretations by noncontracted physicians should be billed by the physician's billing office.  At no time should there be duplicate billing of this code or any other code.  The fee for code 92585-26 is $35.00.


The drugs listed below, which became payable on date of service July 1, 1990, should be added to the list of similar drugs on page 4-17 of the Professional Services Provider Manual.

Code:  J9381
Drug:  BCG Intravesical
Trade Name:  Theracys Tice BCG
Dosage:  27mg
Indication:  Bladder Cancer
Fee:  $72.42 per unit (Maximum # of units billable per day = 3)

Code:  J9382
Drug:  BICNU Powder
Trade Name:  Carmustine
Dosage:  100mg
Indication:  Brain Tumors, Hodgkin's Disease, Myeloma
Fee:  $65.36 per unit (Maximum # of units billable per day = medically necessary dosage

Code:  J9383
Drug:  Goserelin Acetate4 Implant
Trade Name:  Zoladex
Dosage:  3.6 mg
Indication:  Prostatic Cancer
Fee:  $318.75 per unit (Maximum # of units billable per day = 1)

Code:  J9384
Drug:  Streptozocin
Trade Name:  Zanosar
Dosage:  1000mg
Indication:  Pancreatic Cancer
Fee:  $50.04 (Maximum # of units billable per day = medically necessary dosage)

Code:  J9385
Drug:  Thiotepa Powder
Trade Name:  Thiotepa
Dosage:  15mg
Indication:  Carcinoma of the Ovary, Breast, or Bladder
Fee:  $49.95 per unit (Maximum # of units billable per day = medically necessary dosage)

Code J9388
Drug:  Etoposide
Trade Name:  VePesid
Dosage:  20mg/ml
Indication:  Lung Cancer, Testicular Tumors
Fee:  $22.47 per unit (Maximum # of units billable per day = medically necessary dosage)

Code:  J9390
Drug:  BCG Tice Vaccine
Trade Name:  BCG Tice
Dosage:  50mg
Indication:  Bladder Cancer
Fee:  $147.50 per unit (Maximum # of units billable per day = 1)

Providers should continue to bill one of the "W" codes listed on page 4-17 of the Professional Services Provider Manual for the administering of these drugs.


FORM 152-N

Form 152-N (Title XIX Medical Assistance Medical Eligibility Inquiry for Newborns) is the form used to verify a child's birth to a Medicaid recipient.  This form serves as documentation of the child's name, date of birth, race, and enumeration.

To expedite certification of these newborns for Medicaid, it is imperative that the medical provider report the child's name on the form exactly as it appears on the form used to acquire an official Certification of Live Birth from the State of Louisiana.



The Bureau of Health Services Financing has funded the Norplant contraceptive implant effective with date of service May 1, 1991.  All providers should bill code 58302 for the Norplant kit plus insertion and code 58303 for Norplant removal.  The reimbursement for the kit and insertion will be $450.00, and the fee for removal will be $65.00.



Medicaid of Louisiana is pleased to announce that over fifty physicians have enrolled as KID-MED (EPSDT) screening providers since EPSDT physician recruitment efforts began.  A description of the program first appeared in the October 1990 Provider Update.  Governor Roemer recently sent out a letter to primary care physicians to encourage participation in Medicaid and KID-MED.

KID-MED (formerly known as Louisiana's EPSDT program) is a comprehensive health program of prevention and treatment for Medicaid recipients under the age of 21.  Participating providers may set limitations on the children they wish to screen.  They must follow an established protocol and see children for regular comprehensive medical, vision, and hearing screenings which generally follow the Academy of Pediatrics' guidelines.

A physician consultant and/or nurse from the BHSF will visit the physician's office as part of the enrollment process to provide an orientation and to make a site inspection.  Currently, providers are responsible for care coordination on KID-MED patients.  However, Medicaid of Louisiana plans to contract an outside firm this fall to manage the program.  This firm will assist KID-MED providers in scheduling patients, rescheduling missed appointments, arranging transportation, improving patient compliance, and referring for appropriate diagnosis and treatment.  The contractor will also be responsible for recipient outreach, linking recipients with providers, provider enrollment and recruitment, and provider monitoring.

KID-MED fees are summarized below:

$60.00 - Medical screening includes a complete physical exam, history, measurements, developmental screening, immunization status determination, lab work, blood pressure, nutritional assessment, and health education (Immunizations, diagnosis and treatment, and additional lab work are billed separately.)

 $4.00 - Vision screening

$4.00 - Hearing screening

Physicians or registered nurses must perform the screenings.  A physician may also bill a limited office visit for diagnosis and treatment provided on the date of the screening.

Medicaid of Louisiana continues to recruit physicians to be KID-MED providers.  A special thanks is extended to the Louisiana Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Academy of Family Physicians for their enthusiastic support.

To request a KID-MED provider enrollment packet and provider manual, providers should contact Unisys, Provider Relations at (504) 924-5040.  For more information about KID-MED, providers should contact Suzanne Danilson, Medicaid Assistant Director, at (504) 342-3881.



DME suppliers should not use modifiers on claims submitted to Medicaid.  If the supplier has to file a hard copy cross-over claim, he/she should remove any modifiers that may have been used to bill Medicare.



The following FDA-approved immunosuppressants and the Health Care Financing Procedural Coding Structure are now covered under Medicare Part B beginning September 1, 1990.

         Sandimmune 25mg capsules, W9077
         Sandimmune 100mg capsules, W9078

This benefit is for those recipients who have received a Medicare-covered transplant, is subject to the Part B deductible and coinsurance provision, and is limited to a one-year period following the transplant.



On page eight of the April 1991 issue of the Provider Update, the effective date for discontinuance of the procedure of prior authorizing transportation claims for trips over 400 miles should have been printed as 5/1/90, not 5/1/91.


Service area is defined as the town and/or the area around the one where the recipient lives.  Recipients are to be transported by providers in their service area.  If there are no providers in the service area, the nearest provider should be used.

Some providers have opened "suboffices" in other service areas, and other providers, in lieu of opening "suboffices," charge mileage from the pickup point of the recipient in the service area to make their service competitive with providers who have "suboffices" in that service area.  Consequently, Medicaid of Louisiana has issued policy regarding the opening of "suboffices."

Providers who pen "suboffices" must specify where their base is located and make this information available to the parish Office of Family Support and the state agency.  In addition, providers should notify the state agency and the parish Office of Family Support whenever they change their base.

To be competitive in a service area, a provider has a choice of the following:

         He may open a "suboffice" in that service area and charge mileage from that base to return to that base, or

         He may charge mileage from the pickup point of the recipient to the return of that recipient to his pickup point.  However, he may not charge mileage from his base to the pickup point of the recipient, nor may he charge from the point of return of that recipient to his base.


Providers are required to maintain a continuous Daily Trip Log (MT-4) for each driver per day.  An example of the form in the only acceptable format (effective July 1, 1991) is provided in the Attachments section of this issue of the Provider Update.  Providers should use the attached form for copying their inventory.

The instructions for completion of the MT-4 are listed on the following page:

1. Record the vehicle identification number as it appears on your vehicle registration form.  Please do not confuse it with your internal identification.

2. Record the month, date, and year on which the transport(s) occurred.

3. Record the complete name of the driver.

4. Record the vehicle odometer reading at he beginning of the day (from the base or the point of pickup) and then at the end of the day (from the base or the dropoff point).  Calculate the total miles driven and express the total in whole numbers; please do not use tenths.

5. Record the complete name of the recipient being transported.

6. Record the scheduled appointment time.  Note whether it is A.M. or P.M.

7. Record the following information relating to the point of origin:

  •    Location/address where the trip began

  •    If the recipient was not home or if the recipient refused transport (Place a check mark in the "canceled column" if the    recipient was not home or if the recipient refused transport.)

  •   The pickup time (Note whether it is A.M. or P.M.)

8. Record the following information relating to the destination point:

  • Location/address where trip ended

  • The dropoff time (Note whether it is A.M. or P.M.)

9.  Record the trip odometer readings at the beginning and ending of each trip.

10. Calculate and record the total miles driven for that particular trip.  Please note that this is a continuous format, so the ending reading on the first entry becomes the beginning reading for the second, etc.

      You should also note that for two-way transports, each recipient must have two separate entries:  one for the pickup and dropoff at the medical provider's location and the other for the pickup and dropoff at the residence.  Both entries must be recorded in the actual sequence that they occurred.  Thus, the odometer readings will show a continuous flow.

11. Calculate and record the total miles driven for all trips by the individual driver for the day.  This total must agree with the "total miles driven" in Item 4 outlined above.


Medicaid of Louisiana would like to remind all ambulance transportation providers of the correct billing procedures and new certification forms issued August 1, 1990.

Transportation by ambulance requires the following two conditions:

1.  The patient must have a medical condition that prohibits travel by another form of transportation, such as a van, automobile, or stretcher van (where available.

2.  The patient must be transported to the closest facility, to the facility specified by the patient's physician, or to a facility that offers special services the patient requires.

In order to clarify the Medicaid policy concerning the medical necessity of ambulance transportation, the attachment to Unisys Form 105 (Ambulance Transportation Billing Form) has been revised and is now two separate forms:

         Attachment 1 should be used for transport involving a nursing facility resident.  The nursing facility must complete and sign the "Certification of Medical Necessity" portion of the document.  Either the facility must attach written orders from the patient's physician, or the receiving physician must complete the "Physician's Statement" section.

         Attachment 2 should be used for transport involving recipients who do not reside in nursing facilities.  The receiving physician must complete the "Certification of Medical Necessity" portion of the document.

The appropriate attachment must be completed in order for payment to the ambulance provider to be the approved.  Copies of the forms are included in the Attachments section of this issue of the Provider Update.

Patients who are ambulatory or wheelchair-bound and whose condition does not meet the medical necessity requirements for ambulance transport are to be transported by nonemergency, nonambulance transportation methods.  To make arrangements for this type of transportation, the parish Office of Family Support must be contacted at least two days in advance.  Failure to contact the parish office in a timely manner is not sufficient justification for requesting ambulance transport.



Listed below are the schools that have been approved for nurse aide training programs:

Aberly, Inc.
1338 N. Cutting
Jennings, LA  70548 

Advanced Training Designs, Inc.
2335 Wooddale
Baton Rouge, LA  70819 

Alexandria Vo-Tech Institute
4311 South MacArthur Drive
Alexandria, Louisiana  71302-3137 

Alfred Lawless Senior High School
5300 Law Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70117 

American College
1316 Monroe Street
Vicksburg, Mississippi  39180 

American Red Cross
(Washington, D.C.)
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 

American Rehab. Consultant Service
6600 Plaza Drive, Suite 200
New Orleans, Louisiana  70127 

Americo Tech Career Institute
4900 Chef Menteur Hwy.
New Orleans, Louisiana  70126 

Ascension College
320 E. Ascension Street, Suite 2
Gonzales, Louisiana  70737

Ascension Vo-Tech School
P. O. Box 38
Sorrento, Louisiana  70778-0038 

Avoyelles Vo-tech School
P. O. Box 307
Cottonport, Louisiana  71327 

Bastrop Vo-Tech School
P. O. Box 1120
Bastrop, Louisiana  71220 

Baton Rouge Vo-Tech Institute
3250 N. Acadian Thruway
Baton Rouge, Louisiana  70805 

Baytown Technical School
2013 Oak Park Blvd.
Lake Charles, Louisiana  70601

Belaire High School
12121 Tams Drive
Baton Rouge, Louisiana  70815

Bunche Career Center
8101 Simon Street
Metairie, Louisiana  70003

Burns & Associates
317 Evelyn Drive
Luling, Louisiana  70070

Caddo Career Center
5950 Union Street
Shreveport, Louisiana 71108

Calcasieu Health Training Institute
100 Kingston Street
Sulphur, Louisiana  70663

Cameron College
2629 N. Causeway
Metairie, LA  70001

Cameron College
2740 Canal Street
New Orleans, LA  70179

Claiborne Technical Institute
P. O. Box 509
Homer, LA  71040

Clark College
3505 Fifth Street
Lake Charles, Louisiana  70605

Coastal College
320 Howze Beach Road
Slidell, LA  70461

Coastal College
2001 Canal Street, Ste. 101
New Orleans, LA  70112 

Concordia Vo-Tech
P. O. Box 152
Ferriday, Louisiana  71334

County Schools, Inc.
P. O. Box 6278
Bridgeport, Connecticut  06606

Delta Career College
64 Homochitto
Natchez, Mississippi  39120

Delta Career College, Nursing Division
110 Bolton Ave.
Alexandria, Louisiana  71301

Delta Career College, Nursing Division
1900 Cameron Street
Lafayette, Louisiana  70506

Delta Career College, Nursing Division
1702 Hudson Lane
Monroe, Louisiana  71201

Delta Junior College
7290 Exchange Place
Baton Rouge, Louisiana  70806

Delta Junior College
101 Collins Blvd., Suite B1
Covington, Louisiana  70433

Delta Junior College
3901 Tulane Avenue
New Orleans, LA  70119

Delta Junior College
511 Westbank Expressway
Gretna, Louisiana  70053

Delta Junior College
4133 H. Main Street
Houma, Louisiana  70364

Delta Junior College
3321 Hessmer Avenue
Metairie, Louisiana  70002

Delta-Ouachita Vo-Tech
609 Vocational Parkway
West Monroe, Louisiana  71291

Delta Schools
4549 Johnston Street
Lafayette, Louisiana  70503

Delta Schools
412 W. Admiral Doyle
New Iberia, Louisiana  70560

Domestic Home Care Institute
P. O. Box 67051
Baton Rouge, Louisiana  70896-7051

Eastern College of Health Voc.
3540 I-10 Service Road
Metairie, Louisiana  70002

Elaine P. Numez Vo-Tech
3700 La Fontaine Street
Chalmette, Louisiana  70043 

Eunice Vocational Center
P. O. Box 1127
Eunice, Louisiana  70535

Florida Parishes Vo-Tech School
P. O. Box 130
Greensburg, Louisiana  70441

Folkes Vo-Tech School
P. O. Box 808
Jackson, Louisiana  70748

Gulf Area Vo-Tech School
P. O. Box 878
Abbeville, Louisiana  70510

G.W. Carver High School
3059 Higgins Blvd.
New Orleans, Louisiana  70126

Hammond Area Vo-Tech
P. O. Box 489
Hammond, Louisiana  70404

Health Care Network
3900 Merton Drive
Raleigh, North Carolina  27609

Huey P. Long Memorial Vo-Tech
303 South Jones Road
Winnfield, Louisiana  71483

Institute of Electronic Technology
3349 Masonic Drive
Alexandria, Louisiana  71301

Institute of Electronic Technology
3521 Florida Street
Kenner, Louisiana  70065

Jefferson Davis Vo-Tech
P. O. Box 1327
1230 North Main Street
Jennings, Louisiana  70546-1327

Jefferson Parish Vo-Tech
5200 Blair Drive
Metairie, Louisiana  70001

Jefferson Parish West Bank Vo-Tech
475 Manhattan Blvd.
Harvey, Louisiana  70058

J.M. Frazier Vo-Tech
555 Julia Street
Baton Rouge, Louisiana  70802

Lafayette Parish Career Center
200 18th Street
Lafayette, Louisiana  70501 

Lafayette Regional Vo-Tech
P. O. Box 4909
Lafayette, Louisiana  70502 

Lafayette Training & Career Development Center
P. O. Box 2215
Lafayette, Louisiana  70502-2215 

Lamar Salter Vo-Tech
Rt. 2, Box 25
Leesville, Louisiana  71446

Leesville High School
502 Berry Ave.
Leesville, Louisiana  71446

L.E. Rabouin High School
727 Carondelet Street
New Orleans, Louisiana  70130

Lincoln Career Center
1429 Ames Blvd.
Marrero, Louisiana  70072

L.S.U. at Alexandria
Division of Nursing
Alexandria, Louisiana  71302-9633

Mansfield Vo-Tech
P.O. Box 1236
Mansfield, Louisiana  71052

Maranatha Quality Nursing Service
P. O. Box 897
DeQuincy, Louisiana  70633

Medical Management Enterprises
4379 Genoa Street
New Orleans, Louisiana  70129-2666

Medical Personnel Pool
Metairie Center, Suite 430
2424 Edenborne at S. I-10 Serv. Rd.
Metairie, Louisiana  70001

Memorial Area Vo-Tech School
P. O. Box 725
New Roads, Louisiana  70760

Natchitoches Central Area Vo-Tech
P. O. Box 657
Natchitoches, Louisiana  71457

National Health Publishing
P. O. Box 1547
104 Madison Street
Albetville, Alabama  35950

New Iberia Sr. High Career Campus
100 Recreational Drive
New Iberia, Louisiana  70560

New Orleans Center for Health Careers
2009 Palmyra Street
New Orleans, Louisiana  70112

New Orleans Job Cop Center
3801 Hollygrove Street
New Orleans, Louisiana  70118

New Orleans Regional Vo-Tech
980 Navarre Ave.
New Orleans, Louisiana  70124

New Orleans Skilled Training Center
2025 Canal Street
New Orleans, Louisiana  70112

Nicholls State University
Department of Nursing
P. O. Box 2148
Thibodaux, Louisiana  70312

Nightingale Training Center
P. O. Box 15
Brusly, Louisiana  70719

North Central Vo-Tech
P. O. Box 548
Farmerville, Louisiana  71241 

Northeast Louisiana Vo-Tech School
1710 Warren Street
Winnsboro, Louisiana  71295

Northwest Louisiana Vo-Tech School
814 Constable Street
Minden, Louisiana  71058

Option Care
605 N. Lewis Street
New Iberia, LA  70560

O. Perry Walker Sr. High School
2832 General Meyer Ave.
New Orleans, Louisiana  70114

Peabody Magnet Extended Campus
3443 Prescott Road
Alexandria, Louisiana  71301

Plaquemine Senior High School
P. O. Box 326
Plaquemine, Louisiana  70764

Robinson Business College
1517 Jackson Street
Monroe, Louisiana  71202

Rod Brady Vo-Tech
303 South James Road
Winnefield, Louisiana 71483
(Geog. Jena, Louisiana)

Ruston Vo-Tech
P. O. Box 170
Ruston, Louisiana  71270 

Rutledge College
2609 Canal Street
New Orleans, Louisiana  70119

Sabine Valley Vo-Tech
P. O. Box 790
Many, Louisiana  71449

Saint Bernard Parish Community College
2500 Palmirano Blvd.
Chalmette, Louisiana  70043 

Shreveport Job Corps Center
2815 Lillian Street
Shreveport, Louisiana  71109

Sidney Collier Memorial Vo-Tech
3727 Louise Street
New Orleans, Louisiana  70126

Slidell Vo-Tech
P. O. Box 827
Slidell, Louisiana  70459

Southwest Louisiana Vo-Tech
P. O. Box 820
Crowley, Louisiana  70526

Southwest School of Health Careers
Plaza 24 Center
2424 Williams Blvd., Suite K
Kenner, Louisiana  70062

Southwest Tech
4725 Greenwook Road
Shreveport, Louisiana  71109

Sowela Technical Institute
P. O. Box 16950
Lake Charles, Louisiana  70616

Spencer Business College
2902 Florida Blvd.
Baton Rouge, Louisiana  70427

Sullivan Vo-Tech
1710 Sullivan Drive
Bogalusa, Louisiana  70427

Tallulah Vo-Tech
P. O. Drawer 1740
Tallulah, Louisiana  71282

Teche Area Vo-Tech
P. O. Box 1057
New Iberia, Louisiana  70560

Terrebonne Vo-Tech Center
1 Sayre Road - Houma Air Base
Houma, Louisiana  70360

T.H. Harris Vo-Tech
P. O. Box 713
Opelousas, Louisiana  70570

Thibodaux Area Vo-Tech
P.O. Box 1831
1425 Tiger Drive
Thibodaux, Louisiana  70302-1832

Ville Platte Vo-Tech Schools
P. O. Box 296
Ville Platte, Louisiana  70586

Vocational Training Center
3900 General Taylor Blvd.
New Orleans, Louisiana  70125

Washington/Marion Magnet High
100 North Prater Street
Lake Charles, Louisiana  70601

Washington Vocational Center
P. O. Box 438
Washington, Louisiana  70535 

West Baton Rouge Vocational Skills
807 North 14th Street
Port Allen, Louisiana  70767

Westside Vo-Tech
P. O. Box 733
Plaquemine, Louisiana  70764

Young Memorial Vo-Tech
P. O. Drawer 2148
Morgan City, Louisiana  70387

Upjohn Health Care Services
820 Jordan Street, Suite 220
Shreveport, Louisiana  71101