If you are unsure about the coverage of a drug product, please contact the PBM help desk at 1-800-648-0790.

Please file adjustments for claims that may have been incorrectly paid. Only those products of the manufacturers which participate in the Federal Rebate Program will be covered by the Medicaid program. Participation may be verified in Appendix C, available at

Should you have any questions regarding any of the following messages, please contact Molina Medicaid Solutions at (800) 473-2783 or (225) 924-5040.

New and Revised Place of Service Codes (POS) for Outpatient Hospital
Implementation Date 01-01-2016

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) made changes to the existing place of service code set by creating a new place of service (POS) code, code 19 (Off Campus-Outpatient Hospital), and revised the POS Code 22 (On Campus-Outpatient Hospital).

Louisiana Medicaid will accept POS 19 for any claims processed on or after January 1, 2016. That is, POS code 19 is valid for any claim, regardless of the date of service, when it is processed on or after January 1, 2016. The payment policies that currently apply to POS 22 will continue to apply to this POS, and will now also apply to POS 19.

CMS also issued minor corrections to POS codes 17 (Walk-in Retail Health Clinic) and 26 (Military Treatment Facility).

To access the CMS POS code set go to:

Should you have questions related to the place of service codes changes, please contact Molina Providers Relations at 1-800-473-2783. Questions regarding submission of claims to/payment by the correct entity should be directed to the MCO.

Attention Residential Options Waiver Providers of Nursing Services
2016 HCPCS Update

HCPCS code G0154 (Direct skilled nursing services of a licensed nurse (LPN or RN) in the home health or hospice setting, each 15 minutes) will be removed from the Louisiana Medicaid Home Health fee schedule effective for date of service January 1, 2016. The code has been discontinued by CMS.

Effective with date of service January 1, 2016, HCPCS code G0154 will be replaced with G0299 (Direct skilled nursing services of a registered nurse (RN) in the home health or hospice setting, each 15 minutes) and G0300 (Direct skilled nursing services of a license practical nurse (LPN) in the home health or hospice setting, each 15 minutes). Reimbursement will be the same as the prior code. The modifiers TD and TE will no longer be required. The modifier TT will continue to be an option for both G0299 and G0300.

The on-line fee schedule will be updated in the next few weeks. If you have questions regarding this matter contact Tracy Barker at 225-342-8156.

2015 Annual 1099 Notice for Providers

Louisiana Medicaid 2015 1099s will be distributed by U.S. Mail on or before January 31, 2016. Electronic copies are now available for download by going to the Louisiana Medicaid web site,, Secure Portal, application link, Online 1099. If replacement copies or additional copies are needed, providers must print them from the web site. If you feel there is an error on your 1099, please contact Molina Provider Enrollment at 225-216-6370. Prior year 1099’s will be stored in the archive on

Attention Fee for Service (FFS) Louisiana Medicaid Providers:

Effective January 22, 2016, FFS pharmacy claims for Xyrem® (Sodium Oxybate) will have Point of Sale (POS) edits and require clinical pre-authorization. Please refer to for specifics.

Attention Hospice Providers

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has implemented new rates for Routine Home Care (HR651) effective January 1, 2016. The rates will be reimbursed on a two tier payment system. Reimbursement will begin at a higher rate and then decrease to a lower rate.

The higher rate is payable for the first 60 days of an initial election of hospice care. If the patient remains in hospice on day sixty-one (61), payment drops to the lower rate.

Exception: If a patient is discharged or voluntarily revokes and then readmits within this same 60 day time frame, the prior hospice days will continue to follow the patient and count towards his or her patient days when transferring to another hospice, health plan or Fee for Service Medicaid.

If the patient is discharged or voluntarily revokes from hospice for more than 60 days, a new election will initiate a reset of the patient's 60-day window, paid at the higher rate upon the new admission.

The new rates will be published on the website under the "Fee Schedules" tab.

Contact Deloris Young at 225-342-1417 if you have any questions.


Effective October 1, 2013, NUBC discontinued Type of Bill 33X for Home Health services, and Type of Bill 32X (Home Health services under a Plan of Treatment) was established. At that time, providers were instructed to begin using Type of Bill 32X for billing services to Louisiana Medicaid, but edits were not put in place to prevent providers from billing 33X. Thus, some providers have continued to bill this bill type.

Effective with claims submitted on and after January 28, 2016, edits are in place to prevent Home Health providers from billing any Type of Bill except 32X for any date of service. Please make the necessary adjustments in your billing system. For services reimbursed by any of the Medicaid managed care Plans, follow their billing instructions.

NOTE: Louisiana Medicaid only pays for Home Health services under a Plan of Treatment. Thus, Type of Bill 34X (Home Health services not under a Plan of Treatment) is not acceptable and will be denied, as will bill type 33X.

If you have questions regarding this matter contact Molina Provider Relations at 800-473-2783.

Attention Providers of Obstetrical and Gynecological Services:
Implanon (J7306) Discontinued

Louisiana Medicaid has been informed by the makers of Implanon (J7306) that it has been discontinued and will no longer be available for use. Effective with dates of service January 1, 2016 and forward, Implanon (J7306) will no longer be covered by Legacy Medicaid. Nexplanon (J7307) however, continues to be available and covered by Legacy Medicaid.

Please contact Molina Provider Relations (800) 473-2783 or (225) 924-5040 if you have any questions regarding this matter.

Attention Fee for Service (FFS) Louisiana Medicaid Providers:

Some Medicaid recipients have their Behavioral Health coverage provided through a Bayou Health Managed Care Organization (MCO) plan, but their Pharmacy Benefits are provided through FFS Medicaid. These individuals will have a Managed Care Organization membership card without pharmacy benefits information such as PCN, BIN, and/or Group Number. Please bill FFS for these pharmacy claims.