The Medicaid Eligibility Verification System (MEVS) is an electronic system used to verify recipient Medicaid eligibility. This electronic verification process will provide date specific eligibility which will help reduce claim denials related to eligibility. It can help to eliminate Medicaid fraud. MEVS is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except for a short maintenance window each week. MEVS provides Medicaid providers with easy and immediate access to current Medicaid recipient eligibility information.

MEVS allows a provider to retrieve a printable verification of:

  • Recipient Medicaid eligibility
  • Health Plan linkages
  • Third party insurance resources
  • Service limits and restrictions
  • Lock-In information

MEVS can be accessed by any of these methods:

  • Internet access using the Gainwell Technologies e-MEVS application;
  • Internet access (which may incorporate ‘swipe card devices’) through the following approved vendors: Emdeon Business Services, HealthNet Data Link, Healthcare Data Exchange, Passport Health Communications and Dorado Systems LLC;
  • Batch file submission using the procedures outlined in the 270 Batch MEVS Companion Guide.


Providers may access recipient eligibility by using the following pieces of information

  • Sixteen-digit card control number and recipient’s 8-digit birth date or social security number;
  • Thirteen-digit Medicaid ID number and recipient’s 8-digit birth date or social security number;

Or any twoof the following pieces of information:

  • Recipient social security number;
  • Recipient name;
  • Recipient 8-digit birth date;


Providers can verify eligibility and service limits for a Medicaid recipient using a web application accessed through this web site ( This application provides eligibility verification capability as an alternative to MEVS vendor transactions and REVS (voice eligibility verification).

An eligibility request can be entered via the web for an individual recipient and the Medicaid eligibility profile for that individual will be returned on a web page response.

To ensure the security of recipient and provider information the Provider Applications Area is a secure portal and is available to Louisiana Medicaid providers only. It is the responsibility of each Medicaid provider to register and obtain a login and password for this area of this website to access the applications that are contained herein. Select the Registration directory link on the Home page to register.

eMEVS Print Format Update 3/1/12


MEVS access is provided through contracts with approved "switch vendors" who will be responsible for provision of the magnetic card reader, PC software, or computer terminal necessary to access this system. Fees will be dependent on the type of services selected. All fees are the responsibility of the provider. Providers are cautioned to be certain they are contracting with an approved vendor.

Vendor: Emdeon Business Services
Contact: Inside Professional Sales
Phone: (866) 369-8805
Vendor: HealthNet Data Link
Contact: Lucy Gardner or Kenneth Nedd
Phone: (800) 338-1079
             (954) 331-6500 
Vendor: Healthcare Data Exchange
Contact: Daniel E. Sullivan
Phone: (610) 219-6774
Vendor: Passport Health Communications
Contact: Laura Gilmour
Phone: (205) 908-1242
Vendor: Dorado Systems, LLC
Contact: Edward G. Kennedy
Phone: (856) 354-0048
Fax: (856) 354-0057
Vendor: TransUnion Healthcare, LLC
Contact: Healthcare Support
Phone: (888) 791-3088 

The listed vendors are available for calls about their products and options for accessing MEVS by the Medicaid provider community. Providers will be notified of any changes to the list of vendors through Remittance Advice messages, Provider Update articles, and on this website. on this website.

Batch 270/271 Eligibility Transactions

Submitters may choose to use the Gainwell Technologies Batch 270/271 submission process which allows submitters to inquire on eligibility for multiple recipients at one time. If a submitter elects to use the application, Gainwell Technologies will charge the submitter for the usage. Submitters must be pre-approved for use of this application, and the application charges are subject to change with appropriate approval of the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals and proper advanced notification to the participating submitter.

Providers interested in enrolling for this application should contact:

Contact: Rob Foree


Telephone: 225/224-2849

MEVS Disclaimer Message

Enrollment into a Louisiana Medicaid managed care plan may be prospective, and a recipient’s eligibility for coverage under a Plan may be subject to change. Therefore, to ensure that you are using accurate and up-to-date eligibility information, it is your responsibility to re-check eligibility status with e-MEVS or your MEVS vendor prior to and on the date of service. If you fail to do so, and if you consequently provide services to a recipient who is ineligible on the date of service, you will not be paid for those services.