The Department of Health and Hospitals initiated electronic funds transfer (EFT), for the direct deposit of weekly (monthly for long term care) payments for Medicaid services effective January 1998. The agency is at approximately 95% of its goal in having all payments deposited directly into the financial accounts of Medicaid participating providers.

Enrollment in the program is mandatory. All providers should have completed these forms and returned them to:

Gainwell Technologies Provider Enrollment
P.O. Box 80159
Baton Rouge, LA 70898-0159

Providers who have not enrolled, need additional forms, or have any questions regarding the EFT payment process or completion of the "Medicaid Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement" form should contact Gainwell Technologies Provider Enrollment at (225) 216-6370.

Once completion of the electronic funds transfer process has been completed, the summary page of the remittance advice will indicate that direct deposit has been established and the date of deposit of funds.

Provider file updates and/or changes should include the direct deposit agreement if appropriate. For example, if an individual physician is currently employed by a hospital or clinic, payments for his services are being deposited into the bank account for that facility. If the physician chooses to open his own private practice, he must complete a new direct deposit agreement in order to have payments made to his own bank account. Also, when changing bank accounts, you must notify the Provider Enrollment Unit in a timely manner in order for payments to be made to the appropriate account.

The monthly bank statement should be reviewed in order to determine the date and amount of the payment made by the Department of Health and Hospitals. The deposit account number on your bank statement consists of the middle five digits of your Medicaid provider number with two leading zeros plus the remittance advice number. The amount for the deposit for a particular date is the same as the total payment shown on the financial page of the remittance advice of the corresponding date.

All areas of clearance should be attempted before contacting the Department. Providers should attempt to resolve the problems with their accounting departments or their banking institution before contacting the Department of Health and Hospitals. If satisfaction cannot be obtained, then call the Provider Enrollment Unit at (225) 216-6370.