Instructions for using the PDL on your PDA:

 1. Download from this website the file Preferred Drug List (PDL.pdf) and save it on your PC's hard drive.

 2. The PDL.pdf is a Portable Document Format file that can be viewed with any of the following products from Adobe:

  • Acrobat Reader Version 5.0 or later,

  • Acrobat Reader for Palm OS,

  • Acrobat Reader for Pocket PC.

 3. You may find the Acrobat Reader at Adobe's website, www.adobe.com.

 4. Once you download the appropriate Acrobat Reader from Adobe's website, install it on your PDA and then sync the PDL.pdf file onto your PDA.

 5. Click here to download the Preferred Drug List file.  Click on the RXPA Link to view all PDL Files and Updates.