Welcome to the Louisiana Medicaid Electronic Health Records (EHR) Incentive Payment Program  

This program provides incentive payments to Eligible Professionals (EPs), Eligible Hospitals (EHs), and Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) who have adopted (acquired and installed), implemented (trained staff, deployed tools, exchanged data), and/or upgraded (expanded functionality or interoperability) certified EHR technology  for Year 1 AIU participation and demonstrate Meaningful Use (MU) for up to five remaining participation years.

The purpose of the program is to improve outcomes, facilitate access, simplify care, and reduce costs of health care nationwide by:

  • Enhancing care coordination and patient safety;
  • Reducing paperwork and improving efficiencies;
  • Facilitating information sharing across providers, payers, and state lines; and
  • Enabling communication of health information to authorized users through state Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) and the National Health Information Network (NHIN).


Eligible Providers must follow the below steps for registration:

1.      Eligible Providers must first register with CMS.  For more information, click here.

2.      Once you have completed the registration with CMS, you will be directed back to the state in which you elect to receive incentive payments. Those providers electing to receive incentives from Louisiana Medicaid will receive an email from our EHR Staff providing further directions.

3.      The email contains the below listed forms for completion and return to Louisiana Medicaid:

        ·         EHR Incentives Application and Attestation (for EPs and EHs);

        ·         Patient Volume Worksheet (for EPs and EHs);

        ·         Hospital Payment Calculations Worksheet (EH only); and

        ·         Incentive Payment Attestation (for EPs).

4.       In addition to submitting these completed worksheets to demonstrate program eligibility, you will also be required to submit the following supporting documentation for audit purposes:


        ·         Annual cost reports (EH only); and

        ·         Documentation regarding the EHR system acquired (contract, sales receipt, or invoice) (for EPs and EHs).

Once the submitted documents are reviewed, you will receive an email advising you of the disposition of the application. 


EHR Incentive payments are made to EPs based on the information contained in the payment attestation.  If this information matches your payname field and account number on the Louisiana Medicaid Provider Enrollment File, payment will be made by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).  If the information does not match, you will be issued a paper check based on the payee information in the payment attestation.

EHR Incentive payments are made to EHs based on the information contained in their payname field and account number on the Louisiana Medicaid Provider Enrollment File by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) if applicable or paper check. 

Louisiana Medicaid Enrolled Providers are encouraged to keep your Provider Enrollment File information current, including payname, address and account numbers. You may contact Provider Enrollment at 225-216-6370.  


Please visit these helpful links for more information and stay tuned to www.lamedicaid.com for additional state-specific information: 

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