GNOCHC (Greater New Orleans Community Health Connection) Information Page

Check this page for additional updates to the GNOCHC program.

Information and Updates:

GNOCHC Renewal Approval 12/1/14

GNOCHC Renewal Application 8/11/14

GNOCHC Waiver Amendment Approval 7/15/14

GNOCHC Public Notice 6/6/14

GNOCHC Waiver Amendment 6/6/14

General Information – Greater New Orleans Community Health Connection (GNOCHC) 05/1/14

GNOCHC Waiver Amendment Approval 3/27/14

GNOCHC Waiver Amendment 2/25/14

Public Notice – GNOCHC Waiver Amendment 2/24/14

Public Notice – GNOCHC Waiver Extension Request 7/9/13

Clarification on Infrastructure Investment Funding Adjustments 1/26/12

GNOCHC Denied Claims Correction Instructions 12/8/11

GNOCHC Infrastructure Investment Payments 2011 Application Clarifications 11/11/11

Update Regarding 2011 GNOCHC Claims Filing 11/7/11

Verification of Medical Eligibility and Service Mail-out

Attention All GNOCHC and Take Charge Family Planning Providers – Claims Processing 2/17/11